magic in
every mile

november 24 2019



Greeen, quite and misty ghats surrounding an age old impressive monument like Daulatabad Fort is in itself a serene sight to catch on an early November morning in the Aurangabad District. Here is where, in AD 1328 Muhammad-Bin-Tughluq briefly shifted the Mughal capital from Delhi. An ambiance of an acien era, the bliss of nature and rich heritage is what the silence of this place brings out. A breathtaking wave of 1500 runners in white in the midst of this serene setting. Young or old, trained or untrained, winning or losing, the sight of every runner immersing in the beauty and brutality of this difficult course is awe inspiring and a sign of the crazy drive within each of us to go do that extra self actualising mile. With cheering and encouragement all the way and also curious onlookers, runners had their pride and spirits recharged for the next set of steps.

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